James Jr: 4 years

What is your favourite animal/boat and why?

I choose the tiger boat every time. The tiger is my favourite as it has black and orange stripes. When I am a pilot and have my own plane then I will paint it with black and orange stripes just like the bumper boat.

Is this your first time on the Bumper Boat?

I already went 6 times and will come again. I like steering the boats myself it is lots of fun.

Jozey: parent

Any comments on the Just Play Playground experience?

We always come to the Menlyn Play park as the children gets exhausted from all the shopping and it is a nice reward for them. The new bumper boat edition is definitely a hit, he just doesn't want to get out of the boat. It is great to see him laugh and play and he shines when the staff encourages him. The staff is most helpful and it is so sweet how they interact with the children and cheer them on.

Tiro Biloane, age: 2years

How do you feel when riding on the bumper boats?

It is wonderful! I love it! I don't want to get out of the boat!

Feedback from Phemelo, Tiro's mom:

I saw the Bumper Boats while shopping at Menlyn and drove all the way from Brits to bring my children. It was definitely worth the while. Our favourite part is the passionate way in which the Just Play Team encourages the little ones. It makes the little ones shine.

Jared and Lucemari, age: 5 and 7

How do you feel when you are playing on the bumper boats?

We cant wait to stand in line for another turn!

What do you like most about the boats?

The fact that we can steer ourselves

Sino, age: 4

Which is your favourite boat?

The lion because it is a very strong animal

Mahledi and Guapalilwe, age: 3 and 4

What is your favourite area on the beach?

The Just Play Bumper Boats! They are so much fun! I will come and play again!

Offence and Letlotlo, age:5

How do you feel when riding on the bumper boats:

We feel awesome!!!

Azgar, age: 3

How do you find the bumper boat ride?

It is very exciting!

What is your favourite boat/animal?

The crocodile because it has very big teeth

Ruben, age: 3years

How do you feel when playing on the bumper boats?

It is great fun!

What do you like most about playing on the bumper boats?

I like bumping the other boats.

Katlego, parent

Is this the first time your child plays on the bumper boats and will you come again?

It is the second time we came to play. Every time I drive by Menlyn Park Mall, the little one reminds me to bring him to come and ride the boats.

Chantel, parent

What do you like most about your children playing on the bumper boats?

I absolutely enjoy watching my children play at the beach as they love the water and the sand.

Jacqui, parent

Do you have any comments regarding Just Play Playgrounds?

I like the Just Play Playground as it is fun and safe place for my kids to play.

Percy, parent

How did you experience the bumper boat rides?

I am very happy about my child's experience on these rides. It exposes her to a new level of life.

What do you like most about the Just Play Bumper Boat experience?

It was very positive to see how excited my child was to meet new friends from different racial groups and how much fun they had interacting. Black, white, coloured and asian children all playing together, laughing and bumping into one another on the boats.