What is Just-Play?

Just Play is a community. A Community who communicates its values through a series of fun, safe and midsized playground activities. This community mainly caters for families with kids aging from 2-12 years. Playgrounds are carefully designed with the goal to stimulate children's development and potential. The equipment conforms to the highest European safety standards. It is also a lovely initiative to get the whole family away from their TV games and let them have some fresh air and get children to play outside and interact with new friends.

We are driven by the following aspirations:(Our genuine intentions are)

  • children having fun
  • to help children to develop an awareness of their nervous as well as muscular system, and for them to feel their own bodies
  • to help children improve on their motor skills
  • to promote children' socializing within their mates and to make new friends. We also teach them to interact with children from all cultures in a fun and healthy environment.
  • give society added value
  • make parents feel good about the way they spend their free time, the development of their children as well as their safety.

What we believe in?

We firmly believe that children should have fun while simultaneously developing their potential. Our Fundamental believe is that development of motor skills are key to assure that children feel good, communicate properly, are valued, feel accepted within the society and by achieving this their all around well being is being greatly improved.

During their pres- and primary school years, kids at a large extend, use their athletic skills to promote themselves. This positions them amongst their mates and by doing this they not only develop healthy self-perception but also gain general perspective on how they feel about themselves. Motor skills are crucial for developing athletic techniques during their teenage years. In early years motor skills are very basic and start with a child being able to feel and explore his own body, respond to nerve stimulus and to control his muscles. Key physical developments are body motor coordination and balance. It has been proven in numerous scientific research papers that body motor coordination directly corresponds to motion intelligence. Learned skills are stored memory.

During their early years, children can be helped to develop motion intelligence instead of only absorbing knowledge and skills. A Child who senses his body is able to recognize, copy and learn new movements faster and with more joy. They feel better about themselves, are more confident and more courageous. Furthermore, children also identifies how their bodies react to various activities, movements, actions and behavior, what makes them feel good and healthy. By recognizing this lesson, they quickly learn which activities, movements, actions and behavior their friends feel comfortable with. With this knowledge they are ready to engage with the society.

The development of the sensory system of one's own body and development of motor skills are being stimulated by fun play which accelerates the formation of children' synapses. In the nervous system, a synapse is a junction that permits a neuron to pass an electrical or chemical signal to another cell.

Neurons are cells that are specialized to pass signals to individual target cells, and synapses are the means by which they do so. At a synapse, the plasma membrane of the signal-passing neuron comes into close apposition with the membrane of the target cell (for example muscular cell). It is well known that development of synapses for sensing one's own body, are very much affected by the jumping and spinning motion. Recognizing this fact, we at Just Play made jumping and spinning our fundamental movement,all our chosen services endorse these movements. The basic criteria for developing and choosing our services is that all activities must promote fun by encouraging jumping, spinning, finding balance, climbing and crawling. By doing this we encourage childrens' free movement, ease, development of synapses and feelings. In our Just Play environment we try to stimulate all kid's senses including hearing and sight.

Further benefits of the jumping motion are:

  • Strengthening the core muscles (abdominal and pelvic floor muscle)
  • By repeating a uniform jumping motion,it balances lymphatic flow
  • Relaxation of body and mind help to improve blood flow. It eases soul, mind and energetic barriers and through the jumping motion restores energetic balance and harmony.

There are no specific skills required to join our games, everyone can do it and they are 100% safe. On Just Play playgrounds we wish to create a stimulating but relaxed atmosphere where both children and parents can enjoy a good time. Parents are encouraged to cheer their kids on and admire the improvement of their skills as well as well being, from safe distance.